Ibrahim M.AL Aboudfor Development Co.  to provide high level services and products according to the local and international quality standards.

The company commits to satisfy all it's customers. In addition the company realizes on improvement and development processes to improve it's performance.

The company continuously develops it's existing human resources 

Through it'shistory rich in good and effective business 

The company certifies that all it's works and operations are legal and conform to the local and international standards.

Ibrahim M.AL Aboudfor Development Co. aims to be one of the leading companies at the level of the contracting sector in the Middle East and Africa.

The company applies the optimum style in dealing with the employees regardless the differences in the race, sex or religion. As it maintain all rights to it's employees according to the local legislations and the international organizations' requirements , dealing is based on the mutual respect between all employees and the senior management. Further, the senior management enhances dialogue and responsibilities bearing among employees at one hand and the senior management on the other hand inspires such from the Islamic Traditions.

Application of ISO 9001 – 2008 system